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Gone Wrong Videos

Not always does our industry go as planned.. here’s a collection of videos when plans “go wrong..”

Massive Oil Tank Truck Explosion In Rural Texas (January 2015)

On January 15, 2015 a tanker truck carrying a full load of fuel oil overturned in rural south Texas. Involved in the subsequent insanity were the 18-wheel tractor semitrailer, two pick-up trucks (one of which was carrying oxyacetylene tanks), and a van. Although the semi driver made it out (just barely), five others were less…

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TOO MUCH WIND! 10 Wind Turbine Fails

From time to time, wind turbines can fail. Faulty equipment or extreme weather is often the cause of these failures. Today we’re taking a look at wind turbine failure events. DailyTop10s brings you fun and informative top ten lists in a variety of different topics. Join us and sub for regular posts. If you have…

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