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Documentaries & Stories

There is so many solid documentaries and stories out there regarding our industry. We will try to find as many of these as possible and get them up for you to check out; Below you’ll find them!

Offshore Newfoundland – Life on Hebron

In this 3.5 minute video, you’ll see what everyday life is really like working on Hebron, an offshore oil rig located off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. You can learn more at atlanticcanadaoffshore.ca.

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Oil and Gas in the Arctic | Ice Race | Free Documentary

Ice Race – Oil and Gas in the Arctic | Arctic Documentary Ice Race – Battlefield of a New Cold War?: https://youtu.be/gJvIwqq5GjY Oil and gas are the very blood of our modern industrial society and our last major reserves are to be found in the Arctic. The lives of practically everyone on earth would be…

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Petroleum refining processes explained simply

For further topics related to petroleum engineering, visit our website: Website: https://production-technology.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/production-technology/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Productiontechnology/

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Oil Platform vs Super Typhoon: Weathering the Storm from Korea to the Gulf of Mexico

See how a massive oil platform narrowly escapes the path of a super typhoon on its journey around the globe. This exciting voyage from South Korea to the Gulf of Mexico is no small feat with the Appomattox weighing more than an aircraft carrier. #Appomattox #OilPlatform Transcript: http://www.shell.com/content/dam/royaldutchshell/video/business-function/external-relations/corporate/shell-appomattox-the-journey-transcript.docx Welcome to Shell’s official YouTube channel. Subscribe…

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