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Who Is.. What is.. Oilfield Now

Oilfield Now started out back in 2015 when its founder Mike Vickers sold his previous oil and gas job website. Since 2015 Mike and his team have been working on growing all of Oilfield Now’s social media channels and creating the worlds largest oil and gas reach.

Now fast forward to 2020 with an organic reach of over 40,000,000 people a month on Facebook alone (yes, that’s just our Facebook Reach!) Mike knew it was time develop the new go to platform for the oil and gas industry during uncertain times; OifieldNow.com was born!

Mike wanted to take it back to his roots to what he did best in this industry, help people connect with jobs and help bring employers closer to the better candidate for their open jobs. With a passion for helping oil and gas folks find work, he designed the phase one version of the website, proved traffic and pushed ahead with version two(what your seeing now).

Our current web platform will host a free to use job board, allow job seekers to upload their resumes to get seen, feature real news from real people around the industry and  host our new Oil & Gas Talk pod cast that will feature real blue collar folks as well as the top CEOS from around the industry.

Oilfield Now is still just getting warmed up.. with the largest online reach in the world for this industry, its now bringing on some big industry leaders to take this platform and reach to the next level.

Stay tuned for what’s next.. you’ll hear it here first.

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Monte Teague Drilling Manager

Wise County, TX, USA $1500.00day / hour

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Drilling managementplanning and executionwellsite supervision
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