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Western Canada Pipeline Company Hiring ASAP- Welders, Pipefitters, Mechanics & More

Who's Hiring and What Positions?

Bunch Projects is hiring for;


  • Welder (1st year)
  • Welder (2nd year)
  • Welder (3rd year)
  • Journeyman Welder
  • B-Pressure


  • Pipefitter (1st year)
  • Pipefitter (2nd year)
  • Pipefitter (3rd year)
  • Pipefitter (4th year)
  • Journeyman Pipefitter


  • Mechanic (1st year)
  • Mechanic (2nd year)
  • Mechanic (3rd year)
  • Mechanic (4th year)
  • Journeyman Mechanic


  • Pipeline Coaters
  • Labourers
  • Trackhoe Operators
  • Dozer Operators
  • Side Boom Operators
  • Rig Welders


About Bunch Projects

“Bunch Projects is recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading pipeline and facility construction companies.  At Bunch, our commitment to excellence is at the core of our philosophy – a big reason for our success is our ability to attract, recognize and retain talented people.”

How To Apply

Click on the blue Apply Now button below 

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