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Weekly Energy Update – 10/28/2022

energy update

We’re now kicking off the weekly energy update, every Friday you will get an email newsletter from Oilfield Now or find the post on our social media feeds. This update is meant to keep you up-to-date in regards to what’s happening in and around our industry, stay up and connected to the real data that makes a difference, see the latest job leads, and more. 

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Oil Prices

WTI, BRENT, and Canadian Heavy Crude are up from a slight dip this week while Natural Gas Prices continue their job drop from the high in September (now down by nearly 50% from the September high).

Weekly Rig Count

This weeks energy update is keeping the rig count pretty close as we get into the cooler months. USA is down slightly by 3 while Canada is up by 2. We are expecting these numbers to start climbing again soon.

AreaLast CountCountChange from Prior CountDate of Prior CountChange from Last YearDate of Last Year's Count
U.S.04 Nov
770+223 Oct
+22005 Nov
Canada04 Nov
209-328 Oct
+4905 Nov
International Oct

Top Job Leads Of The Week

It’s been a busy week for job leads posting up around North America, we expect this trend to continue as we get into the winter months. If you see anything that peaks your interest below, click on the post to learn how to apply!

Top Media Videos Of The Week

Worth while videos to watch that we saw being popular this week.

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