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caodc wages

CAODC Wages - Updated as information becomes available

We here at Oilfield Now got a lot of messages in regards to current CAODC Wages and how hard they were to find online. This led us to create this page which will keep the current CAODC Wages here and up to date for you… Let’s dig in!

What is the CAODC?

“The CAODC is a trade association representing upstream Canadian petroleum drilling contractors — land-based and offshore, service rig contractors and associate companies. Its member companies, work together in an attempt to ensure that this sector is the world’s most efficient, well trained and best equipped.”

-Transport Canada

Why the CAODC matters

The CAODC is an organization that represents the companies and workers of the energy industry in Canada. It is their job to advocate for a strong and vibrant industry, while promoting the safe and responsible development of Canada’s energy resources.

The CAODC is the voice of Canada’s drilling and service rig industry. They represent over 1,100 member companies that own and operate the majority of rigs in Canada. Their members provide well drilling, completion and workover services to the oil and gas industry.

The CAODC works closely with provincial governments, regulators and industry associations to ensure that the interests of their members are represented. They also work to promote safety and best practices within the industry and ensure workers are compensated fairly for their work through set wage rate minimums.

What are the current CAODC wages today?

Postion8 or 12 Hour Rates
Assistant Driller$41.00/hr

Other Information

Rig Watchers Rate:
12 hours per day at Leasehand rate plus subsistence per calendar day

Subsistence Rates:
Camp Subsistence – $50.00 per worker per day ($32.50 taxable & 17.50 non-taxable
Non-Camp Subsistence – $140 per worker per day
Corrosive Mud Allowance – $25.00 per worker per day that the rig is using corrosive mud

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