Most Dangerous Jobs on a Drilling Rig: Dismantling the Drilling Rig | Eps. 3 | Free Documentary

The Platform – Episode 3: Dismantling the Drilling Rig | Engineering Documentary

Episode 4 – Lifting a Massive Pipe:

The bosses in Moscow decide to abandon the drilling site for another 8km away. This means the crew must dismantle the rig and prepare the massive boring equipment for the move at breakneck speed. Amid all the bustle, a woman unexpectedly arrives on board, throwing the Polar Star’s all-male crew into a tizzy. Meanwhile, the platform’s hotheaded young foreman Alexey gets into a row with the foreign specialists and the camera on a crane breaks down just as it’s lowering a huge 30-metre long boom.

Russia’s ‘Polar Star’ drilling rig is among the biggest in the world, able to drill to unprecedented depths. The platform’s crew spend their days working with massive equipment on an artificial island exposed to the elements in the subarctic sea. Fortunes rest on striking gas in just 30 days, before the winter closes in. It’s a job that calls for discipline, determination and nerves of steel in an environment that can be deadly.
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