Hiring Offshore Cleaning Technicians With Many Positions Available

Ecoserv is hiring for Offshore Cleaning Technicians 

Location: Abbeville, Louisiana

Offshore Cleaning Technicians 

“The Primary job task is both non-entry and entry vessel/tank cleaning. During the cleaning process, the technician will utilize diaphragm pumps and or vacuums to remove product from the vessel/tank into cuttings boxes. Once the product is removed from the vessel/tank, pressure washers are used to remove scale buildup or heavy sludge from the wall of the vessel/tank and then remaining product is pumped/vacuumed into cuttings boxes.”


  • TWIC Card
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Drug and Physical Test
  • Live within 50 miles of company location with reliable transportation
  • High School


  • 401k
  • Dental, Health and Vision Insurance

About ECOSERV “Ecoserv delivers the first truly comprehensive solution to the management of oil and gas waste. By consolidating the multi-step, multi-contract process required to clean, transport, and dispose of non-hazardous oilfield waste, we’ve created one seamless system designed to save time and maximize profits. Established expertise, technical innovation, and a steadfast commitment to improving the oil and gas industry are cornerstones of Ecoserv. Further, we recognize the importance of preserving our environment in everything we do —bringing new meaning to “environmental service.” “

How To Apply