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Iraq’s New Oilfield (1952)



Basra, Iraq

GV Canal scene in Basra and Mosque in background. SV Small yacht on canal. LV Street scene in Basra. SV Market street in Basra. SV A Fruit stall. SV Arabs smoking hubble bubble pipe. CU Man smoking hubble bubble. LV Cars passing through main streets in Basra. CU Policeman on point duty. LV Donkeys drawing water from desert well drilling rig in background. SV Donkeys walking towards. LV Looking through construction of well donkeys pulling at ropes. LV Bags of water being dragged from well by donkeys. SV Water being emptied into well for irrigating.

SV The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri Pasha el-Said stepping down from plane. SCU PM Being greeted. SV other members of party stepping down from plane. SV Members being greeted. Mr H. S. Gibson CBE, Managing Director of Iraq and Basra Petroleum Co. LV Party walking away from plane. SV Mr Gibson walking towards Mr Teysott. GV Oil well and rig at Zubair. AS Looking up at rig. LV Degassing plant. SV Notice: No Smoking beyond this point. SV Towards and Pan Prime Minister and Mr. Teysott arrive at Zubair / degassing station for inauguration ceremony. LV People following on way to ceremony. LV Prime Minister arriving in front of degassing station for switching on ceremony. CU Large wheel which P.M. will turn. LV Crowd assembled in front of pump house. P.M. is greeted by officials GV Crowds assembled in front of Pump House. SV P.M. Mr. Teysott, Mr. Gibson on platform, as P.M. turns wheel to start pump. CU P.M. turning large wheel. AS Looking up at rig. PM and dignitaries meet workers.

View of rig. Top view of drilling rig turning, VIPs gathered to watch. MV various dignitaries receive explanation of working of machine, pan to CU of drilling bit turning. CU of two Arab men in traditional costume. Various shots of degassing plant. Men turn wheels to regulate flow on pipeline.

LV. Interior Mr. Gibson speaking at inauguration luncheon held in No. 4. shed at the depot. SCU. Mr. Gibson speaking. Also there is the American Ambassador, Ed S Crocker, and Jamil Bey Al Madfa’ie. Guests applauding. The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri Pasha el-Said gets to his feet to speak.

Various shots of the rig working. Shots of men working on rig. CU cutter being raised out of hole. New lengths are added to the drill. (Good shots of a desert oil well at work, longer sequence than in issue version.)

LV of oil pipeline stretching across desert from Zubair in Iraq. CU pipe. Shots of the docks at the port of Fao on the Persian Gulf. CU pipes. LV French oil tanker the ‘President Mary’ at Quay. Various shots of storage tanks for oil. More pipes.

Party including British Ambassador Sir J M Troutbeck (?) SV Notice: No Smoking beyond this point. LV VIPs gathered on deck of tanker. CU Pipe carrying oil onto tanker. SV of people coming away from tanker.

Views of oil rig.

(Baynes Uncut Neg – Reel 1. – Tin 1″A”) (Baynes Uncut Neg – Reel 2. – Tin 2″G”) (Baynes Uncut Neg – Reel 3. Tin 2″H”) Lav. of Long Cut Iraqi “Special Tin” 3 “I” Dupe Neg and Neg Track of English Iraq Special Dupe Neg and Neg Track of Arabic Iraq Special Dupe Neg used in Issue 52/7.

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FILM ID:5.09


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