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Everyone has a story to tell.. what’s your story?

Im Mike Vickers – The founder of Oilfield Now, Oilfield Job Shop and many other oil and gas social accounts and websites. Over the years I’ve seen a lot, learned a lot and heard a lot of stories from people around the world with my online reach.

One major issue I have come to notice is the lack of respect the oil and gas workers get. I think this is largely due to how the media portrays us.

So I made a goal for myself – to finally start getting in front of the camera and working on ways to better our image and showcasing the people behind the industry. It’s not just about the price of oil.. it’s about the men and women and all the sacrifices they’ve made and keep making today.

I was just recently offered a leading acting role in a new oil and gas tv show called Pipe Nation – I get to ensure our voice is heard and this is just ONE way I plan to do so.

My next order of business is to create a podcast and a video series where I’ll interview people like yourself and share your story with my massive online reach through Oilfield Now; an organic reach of 20,000,000+ people a month.

I’ve love for you to subscribe, follow along, get to know me personally and follow along my journey on working to change out industry for US.

If you want to get involved, share your story, willing to jump on the podcast, or just want to send in your oil and gas media to be featured on the largest online reach for the oil and gas sector in the world.. be sure to send it over to mike@oilfieldnow.com

Remember to hit that subscribe button here and check out my social accounts!

FB – www.fb.com/mikevickersYEG
Insta – www.instagram.com/mikevickersYEG
Twitter – www.twitter.com/mikevickersYEG

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