Parker Rig 202 Burns To The Ground

Parker 202 took a gas kick and lost control in central Wyoming in 1994. Most of the rig was able to be drug off location and saved, but the derrick, sub, and BOP remained. Because of the danger presented by the situation, it was decided to ignite the gas and flare it off, sacrificing the derrick.

Louisiana Land & Exploration Co. (LL&E), New Orleans, is preparing to start snubbing operations at its 3-36 Big Horn well in Freemont County, Wyo. The Madden field well, in 36-39n-91w in the Madden Deep Unit, blew out and caught fire Apr. 22. Gas has since been diverted to sales at a rate of about 5 MMcfd (OGJ, May 11, p. 36). The gas goes to Colorado Interstate Gas Co.’s pipeline system. The blowout occurred as LL&E was pressure testing the top of a 7-3/4 liner set from about 19,000 to 22,750 ft. Cause of the accident has not been determined. There were no casualties.