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AKITA Drilling are hiring rig crews in Texas

Akita Drilling are hiring multiple positions for rig crews in Texas. Akita Drilling is a that can provide great benefits, solid career future, health benefits and a completive wage!

Their website & Indeed profile currently lists:

  • Lease Hands
  • Floor Hands
  • Motor Hands
  • Derrick Hands
  • Loader Operators
  • Assistant Drillers
  • Drillers
  • Well Site Safety Coordinators
  • HSE Advisors
  • Rig Managers
  • Shipping/ Receiving Yard Coordinator
  • Receptionists

About AKITA Drilling:

“AKITA Drilling Ltd. was formed in January of 1993 through a Plan of Arrangement with our predecessor, ATCO Drilling Ltd. At its inception, AKITA operated 26 drilling rigs in Canada. In addition to Canadian operations, AKITA also conducted drilling operations in the United States.

In 2000, AKITA re-established significant operations in Canada’s northern territories. As technology evolved, we were among the earliest adopters of pad rigs, including their use in the development of heavy oil and shale gas resources. This quickly became a market strength for AKITA, and today pad rigs make up approximately half of our deep capacity fleet.  In 2018, AKITA Drilling Ltd. and Xtreme Drilling Corp. combined the two companies through a Plan of Arrangement to create a leading intermediate North American land drilling contractor.  The combined company, operating under the AKITA Drilling name, has a fleet of 40 high-spec drilling rigs with operations in major resource basins in the US and Canada.”

– https://www.akita-drilling.com/about/history/


How to Apply to Akita Drilling:
Apply on their website HERE

Apply on their Indeed account HERE

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