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Cover Letter: From the Subject to the Signature

If you put your application together for a job, you will spend most of your time writing your cover letter. After all, it is the first thing your future employer will see you. In a few words, you need to know why your boss should hire you. It is not easy to put your own motivation into words. So that you know exactly what is important with a good cover letter.

Every third applicant is graying before the cover letter in the application! Do you feel the same? If you want to apply, however, you do not need to get around a cover letter. It should convince the person that you are the perfect occupation for the job and you also fit the company to the company. In the cover letter, you provide convincing arguments and inform you about your qualifications and knowledge. See how you build the cover letter for your application step by step and the content becomes unique.

Here in this article, we have explained cover letter in the steps from the subject to the signature.

– Why is the cover letter so important?

A cover letter has a clear structure, from the address to the signature. Your cover letter is the first step in convincing a person with your application of you and your qualifications for the job or the training center, the internship, and etc. Many companies have a lot of applications, so there is not much time left for each individual cover letter. This is important to know, as many applicants think that every employee always looks at the curriculum vitae and the other parts of the application. Unfortunately, no! This is one of our most important tips: Take the time for a good cover letter! It is the first step towards a career in this company.

– What do you write as a salutation in my cover letter?

Now it goes to the text. You start with the friendly salutation “Dear Mrs. XY,” or “Dear Mr. XY,”. Only if you can really find no contact person, as a salutation “Ladies and Gentlemen,” – but you should avoid as good as it can. After the salutation, a comma is always set.

– How do you formulate the first sentence in the cover letter?

Many applicants have problems with the first sentence of their cover letter. He is one of the most important sentences of the application because here you decide whether you can make the person who reads your application curious. If so, he will also look at your CV and the rest of your application letter.

– What do you write on the subject?

In the subject, you name the reason for your writing. In this case, it is the application for a training place. Do not write the word
“subject”. It is enough if you write a bold application for a training place as XY.
If you want, you can also add the time when the training should start.


Not so good:
“I hereby apply …”

“I am 16 years old, hot Ben, and …”

“I’ve read your posting …”

Better you write:
“Are you looking for a new trainee? With my experience as … I am just the right one for you ”

Aim: Make the person curious! Catch the cover letter with your strengths or with something that makes you special and stands out from the other applicants. Always keep in mind: For many jobs, there are a lot of feedbacks on the corresponding advertisements. It is very good if you already present yourself well with the first sentence of your application.

– What is in the head of the application?

The head of the application consists of three parts: your address, the address of the training company and the place and date. The arrangement you see on the sketch. You start with your address. You enter the first and last name, your full address on the left in the first three lines of the document. E-mail address and telephone number make the application seem to be overloaded, so you should write your contact data into the CV.

With a distance of two blank lines, you enter the name and address of the training company – also left-aligned. Enter here the name of your contact person. Place and date in the next line. These are entered on the right-hand side of the document, so they appear in the document on the far right. The correct spelling is “Residence, XYZ”

– What is in the main text of your cover letter?

In the first paragraph, you will explain where you have come to the training place and why you would like to apply for this place. Look in the experience reports, the interview or the FAQ in the respective company profile on XYZ website. Here, the company tells what it has to offer. If you go into the strengths of the company right from the first paragraph, you’ll immediately see that you’ve

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