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How to write Resume in a proper way?


Are you looking for a job? Well knowing how to make a good Resume is paramount. The Resume is possibly one of the most important documents in the job search. It is the main way that you have to “sell” yourselves and get a job. There is no single model of Resume; there are multiple ways to structure it, but how to write it in a proper way, that is important.

The cover letter is formulated; the certificates selected – in order to complete the application, only the Resume is missing. But whoever sees this as an annoying duty exercise makes a mistake. Most of the staff is looking first at the Resume. This is why this is also the central element of the application – and should be customized accordingly. Especially among young applicants, the biographies are often the same: internships, studies and stays abroad – whoever wants to be out of this world has to deliver more than just a Resume.

Following are the most important Points and the Tips which you must take into account to create the perfect Resume.

1- An impeccable presentation is a key:

As the HR manager is going to have a Resume in 20 seconds, the first principle that must comply with ours is to be attractive to the eye, to be easy to read, and that means that it is very clean (no leaves Bent, spelling mistakes, studs or pen updates), ordered, brief two sheets for a maximum face and very well outlined.
Tip: It helps a lot to choose an original format from among the hundreds of auto complete models that can be found on the Internet. In addition, you will differentiate yourselves from the rest, which will give us more opportunities to draw attention to the recruiter, and get well reach the job interview.

2- Be honest: Do not lie in any data:

In the section of personal data, the age you have to date should appear and full address is not necessary.

Tip: If you are more veterans applying the profile in the offer, say the date of birth, not age.

3- Stay active and alert:

It is imperative that a phone number appears, to be able to be a mobile phone and always own, not that of a relative or friends. If you do not have your contact number, don’t mention it – Just mention your e-mail id so that they can contact you.

Tip: It does not give a professional image install tons of waiting on the mobile, or not have it on first thing in the morning or afternoon. If you are actively working, your mobile is a fundamental tool.

When you receive the call by quoting for the interview, show interest, never understands that you do not remember which company is involved, do not modify the proposed appointment and show gratitude. Take care of these details.

4- Make a Resume 2.0: Take advantage of broadcast channels:

In the 21st century, you must have an email as a channel of communication and place to receive notifications. If it does not appear in our Resume, you will be implying that you do not have the slightest computer knowledge.
In addition, e-mail is a good channel to send your Resume to your professional contacts, yes, provided you have previously interacted with them, so they know you, and asking first.

Tips: If you are preparing Resume to send through email or attachment, make sure to send the Resume in .pdf format, it is more professional than in .doc format. As for email, our email address must be professional. You should not use diminutives, pseudonyms, characters, adjectives or famous brands. That will create a negative image.

Also, it should be easy to write, to avoid errors. Some addresses look like real encrypted codes: luis_87-lp.K9y3@yahoo.com. Think that a single digit or letter changed may mean not receiving the notice from the boss or HR. Better use your name and date of birth, little more.

Your Resume can spread your personal brand:
Take advantage of this space to place a link to your personal page, your LinkedIn professional profile, or About me If you use Twitter to look for work, you can also put the address, and interconnect it with the previous ones; This way you direct the recruiter’s curiosity towards the pages that interest you, and the way you want it away from the informal Facebook.
Do you dare to attach a presentation of your Resume in PowerPoint or a video-Resume?

5- Do not go for the branches:

And it is so damaging to hide beneficial aspects as giving more data of the essential, or not related to the job or a professional profile. Think that the HR manager will surely use this information against you, no matter how much you believe that you complete as a worker. That is why; the Resume should only collect our professional profile, follow that maxim and you will be fine.

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